The-BALL Guiding Principles

Guiding Principle #1: Does the rule cut “down-time” out of the game?

The typical college game takes about 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete. With exactly 40 minutes of actual game clock time, a 15-minute halftime, and the standard 27 minutes for commercials, that leaves approximately 53 minutes of non-commercial stoppage time within the average game. This is time that elapses while the ball is dead: coaches’ timeouts, officials checking the ball, shooter walking to and standing at the free throw line, player substitutions, etc. We believe we can reduce that down-time by more than 50% with some simple adjustments to the game rules. Decreasing the number and length of play stoppages will help move the game along and make it significantly more pleasing to watch, while also allowing The-BALL to offer more robust pre- and post-game shows. It will also enable The-BALL to complete just about all of its games within a 2-hour broadcast window, which will be a major plus for the league’s media partners.

Guiding Principle #2: Does the rule cut down on fouling?

Since one of the main problems with fouls is that they result in play stoppages, this principle is strongly related to #1. If fouls can be reduced, so will stoppage time. Fouls also make for less attractive basketball. Some of The BALL’s rules have been specifically designed to increase the penalties for committing fouls. Consequently, a BALL game is going to have considerably less fouls, dead balls, and time spent at the free throw line.

Guiding Principle #3: Does the rule increase the reward for hustle and defensive intensity?

Our philosophy is that the rules should always encourage and reward hustle and defensive intensity. We have identified certain rules in the current game that simply don’t do that. For example, a player dives for a loose ball, but is called for traveling because he slides after landing on the floor. Or a defender makes a great play and causes a “held ball” call by getting both hands on the ball only to have the ball stay with the offense since the latter had the possession arrow pointed its way. There are several of these, and The-BALL will adjust them in favor of just rewards for players and teams who make the extra effort.

Guiding Principle #4: Does the rule make the game more exciting or more enjoyable to watch without compromising the integrity of the game?

It will be up to the fans whether or not The-BALL’s new rules make the game more exciting and enjoyable. They have definitely been designed to do so, whether it’s adding a 4-point shot, reducing down-time, or opening up the passing lanes to increase free motion. Additionally, all of the rule changes have been thoughtfully considered, analyzed, and debated with the purity of the game in mind. The-BALL’s founder is himself a hoops purist who is determined to make evolutionary enhancements without taking anything away from the fundamentals of the greatest game on earth.

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