The-BALL Team
Phil Evans, Legal & Business Affairs
Former President of the NBA D-League; former Exec VP,
Business Affairs, Continental Basketball Association (CBA)
Mark Geddis, Media & Business Development
Founder & CEO of Collegiate Images (sold to IMG & XOS Technologies) ;
Former executive with Florida Marlins and Wayne Huizenga Holdings, Inc.
Gary Hunter, League Operations
Former Commissioner of the CBA; Exec VP, Denver Nuggets;
Athletic Director at Wichita State; Current owner in the NBA D-League
Jon Pritchett, Team Market Development
Former COO, Scheer Sports; Former COO, Team Sports Entertainment;
Former CEO, AstroTurf USA; Founder/Partner, Club 9 Sports
Fred Rucker, Corporate Partnerships
Managing Partner, Capitol Management Partners;
over 25 years of sales, marketing and product development experience.
Michael Wranovics, Founder & CEO
Stanford MBA with 20 years of marketing & digital media experience;
Directed “Up for Grabs,” award-winning sports film.