“The-BALL is a concept that all basketball junkies will embrace.  Players will benefit by working on their games in highly competitive situations.  Fans will enjoy high-level hoops in comfort.  The-BALL will provide great summer nights out for everyone.” 

-Phil Martelli
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
St. Joseph’s University

"I think The-BALL is a great idea. It’s something I think the players will really enjoy: getting back to their college town, playing with their former teammates and with the legends that came before them. I also like the fact that The-BALL supports the guys who are good students and finish up their degrees. It’s an outstanding concept."

-Jay Wright
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Villanova University

"I love the concept of The-BALL. It’s new, different, and exciting… An opportunity for our guys to come back home and play in Philadelphia, to play as a ‘city’ versus teams from other regions of the country. It has a great dynamic to it.”

-Fran Dunphy
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Temple University

"Rest assured, the NBA will be watching these talented young men as they continue to grow as players, with fine coaches working the sidelines. …Michael Wranovics has researched his product with many basketball people who have been married to the game for decades.  The end result will be a league that provides exciting competition, fan entertainment, skill improvement, and higher graduation rates for student-athletes.  The-BALL is a winner across the board."

-Stan Morrison
Retired DI men’s basketball coach (USC, Pacific, San Jose State) and college basketball television analyst

"”I believe The-BALL has a winning concept using localized teams with collegiate ties… I believe our fans will be as passionate about The-BALL as they are about the Wolfpack.”

-Mark Gottfried
Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
North Carolina State University