Good Guys with Game
The-BALL will not be seduced by talent without character. We’re looking for players with outstanding skills, but who also:
Have a reputation for being mature, unselfish, and coachable.
Are known for hustle, work ethic, and being a great teammate.
Play to win, but without compromising on sportsmanship.
Possess mental toughness and leadership abilities.
Have stayed out of trouble off the court.
Value their education and take pride in representing their alma mater.
Enjoy being around fans, especially the kids who look up to them.
Love the game.

The above is not just a bunch of words. We’re serious about maintaining a distinctly high standard for character in The-BALL. We’ll maintain this standard by doing background checks, interviews, collecting feedback from coaches, and conducting interviews. (It’s actually part of the same process we’re using to qualify team owners and other individuals who become a part of The-BALL.)

Once a player joins The-BALL, he will also be expected to follow strict player conduct policies relating to behavior on and off the court. Our players will be “Good Guys with Game” whom local kids can look up to and who will serve as positive representatives for their universities, their teams, and the city they play for.

Points of Difference