Why play during the summer?

Top players are available (off-season for NBA D-League and Europe)
Fans have fewer sports entertainment options
Especially slow period for college sports fans
Sports television networks need content
Arenas have open dates to fill

Are you trying to compete with the NBA D-League?
Not at all. We are purposely not placing BALL teams in D-League markets. Additionally, our teams will operate during the D-League’s off-season. In fact, The-BALL should help both the D-League and the NBA in the following ways:

Quality players to scout in the U.S. during the summer months
By providing American players an additional source of income during the off-season, some players that would otherwise play overseas will opt to stay in the U.S. and play in both the D-League and The-BALL.
Opportunity for up-and-coming NBA officials to gain additional experience and evaluation during the off-season.
Expansion of the U.S. basketball fan base in mid-sized markets and the suburbs of major markets.

What about the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas?

Any of our players who are invited to the NBA Summer League will be free (and encouraged) to go. We want what’s best for our players and will certainly not limit their opportunities to play in the NBA. The more or our players that ultimately make it to the NBA, the better it will reflect on The-BALL.
Since the NBA Summer League only lasts 10 days, it would only affect 3 or 4 games on the schedule at the most.
The NBA Summer League is mainly for recent NBA draft picks and prospects who just completed their senior years in college. Most BALL players, on the other hand, will be at least one year out of school.

Will players in The-BALL be paid?

Our players will earn a generous per-game salary and will receive additional compensation in the form of performance bonuses, benefits, and additional income from endorsement deals with local businesses. In order to contain costs, all teams will have a strictly enforced salary cap.

Is there an age limit for BALL players?

No. But most of our players will be between 24 and 28.

Will The-BALL try to recruit high school or college players who still have some eligibility left?

No. In order to qualify to play in The-BALL, a player must have completely exhausted his NCAA eligibility and have played a minimum of 3 years at the collegiate level.

Are you sure your schedule doesn’t conflict with the D-League or European schedules?

Yes. The D-League’s season is complete by late April. Over 90% of the teams playing overseas are done by late May.

After a long season in the D-League, Europe, or Asia, don’t most players just take a vacation from basketball?

Not really. Most players will take a break for a couple of weeks when they first return to the U.S., but these are professional basketball players we’re talking about. They need to use the summer season to work on their skills, stay in basketball shape, and gain as much exposure as possible as they seek that coveted next professional contract.

But couldn’t an international team forbid its American players from playing in The-BALL?

Over 80% of the American players who are overseas have one-year contracts. Once their season is done, usually by early May, they are free agents looking for their next playing opportunity.

Additionally, since the players need to be working on their game during the off-season anyway, having them play in a well-organized environment with quality competition should be preferable even for the minority of players who have multi-year contracts overseas.